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Digital Marketing - Push or Pull?

Getting or upgrading the business is really not an easy task. It takes too much efforts and proved work strategy. As the technology growing day by day, one should not emphasize on the old methods to get social recognition. If we talk about the promoting any business, marketing is the only way to enhance the business popularity and to attract the customers. We do watch television advertisements and banners on streets,  hear radio promotion, read paper advertisements etc. there are too many sources of marketing any business. But all these methods are taken as push marketing.
Is push marketing a right option to promote the business?
Question is difficult as the answer totally depends on the nature of audience and location of promotion. Though too much push marketing may irritate the person but push marketing also positioned the product or brand name in the customers  mind. So the customer may make his mind to go for that particular products, not immediately, but in future.
Though all the resources of push marketing such as paper advertisements, television promotional ads, outdoor marketing etc  are helpful for creating brand image in the market but same time, they are costly and time consuming.
Present time is the time of digitization so one should go for the latest techniques.  Research say that almost 90% people spend their time on phone or desktop to make any research so it becomes necessity to be visible on the web world and digital marketing is the best way to promote your business without investing too much.
Is Digital Marketing Push marketing or Pull marketing?
Digital marketing is a part of indirect marketing so it is completely  not a push marketing. Only push strategies are used to make the website popular in search engines and to attract the visitors. Digital marketing comprises SEO, SMO, PPC and links building strategies through which a website or business get huge visibility by targeted audience.
A professional builds strong back links to bring the website on the top searches. Not only this, digital marketing spread the website to social networking sites through optimum social media optimization. Once a website or business becomes brand, no push marketing is possible as people attracts towards the business by their own. So digital marketing helps the website to attract more and more customers through Ethical ways and this is how, digitalis marketing is completely treated as pull marketing.